San Francisco – photo portfolio

Below is a video portfolio of photos I shot on Broadway, a street in San Francisco.

For those of you who do not know the city, there is a section of Broadway that is filled with strips clubs, adult ‘video parlors’ and other seedy venues.  It can be a very ‘vibrant’ place to visit, but it can also be ugly and dangerous.   However, in the early morning hours, it is quite beautiful and that is when I shot most of these photos.

I hope to venture to other ‘seedy’ parts of San Francisco, during early-morning hours to see if I can capture the beauty that may be concealed during the day.

I paired this video with a jazz-themed soundtrack.  This video is best viewed in HD, either 720 or 1080.   Enjoy!  Gary.

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One Response to San Francisco – photo portfolio

  1. Don says:


    Very nice series of Broadway that few people see. I really like the angles, lighting and silhouettes of your pictures. Keep up the good work. TFS.


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