More Photoshop experiments

I love black and white photos.  I have not shot many – I’m always afraid to do so because I lack experience.  But I could not resist shooting in b&w for this photo of the utility pole and wires, against the gray and cloudy sky.  I am pleased with the outcome.

And then I started thinking:   I can change the sky to suit my mood.  So I decide to tear away the dreary sky for something different.  I used the utility wires as my “borders” to confine my work – actually to limit the damage of my experimenting.

The outcome reminded me of the crafts I did as a child, gluing black cable to a board to make shapes and then filing those shapes with small grains of brightly-painted  stones.  I think that this is also the underlying concept for cloisonné.  After bringing some blue sky to the photo, I started channeling Piet Mondrian.  See the results below.  Note: I didn’t ‘clean-up’ the final image.  As always, click on any photo to see a larger copy.

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One Response to More Photoshop experiments

  1. Don says:

    I tried to play with b&w in PS, using sliders on the menus only, not really understand what’s going on. Sometimes it turned out good, sometimes the contrast is not as what I wanted, like this church near Bodega Bay where The Birds was filmed:
    Church at Bodega

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