Lines of communication

I’ve been fascinated with telephone poles, utility towers, cables etc. all my life.  It is probably due to my favorite uncle being a lineman (yes, for the county) for more than 30 years.

In 2009, I saw a movie called Everybody’s Fine.  I really didn’t like the move but there is one scene in which the main character, Frank Good (Robert De Niro), is on a moving train, is asking people what they see outside the window.  None of them get the “correct” answer:  The utility cables.   Frank retired from  factory that manufactured cables and he was very proud of them.  Funny thing is that the “correct” answer was my first guess.   I watch them every day on my very short commute via train to work.

Below are three photos.  The first is of my uncle, probably in the 1930’s.  His car is in the foreground and the hood ornament indicates that is a Pontiac.   The next two photos are shots I took on Friday. In the photo on the top, right, cars on Interstate 5 can be seen, so you can get some idea about the size of these towers.

I’m not pleased with these photos because they don’t capture the true magnitude of these impressive towers and there are issues with the overall quality.   But they’ll do for now.   Gary

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