Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct

It’s been nothing but rain since my return to San Francisco last Monday.  So here are more photos from last week’s road trip.  My drive down Interstate 5 was on a sunny day with spectacular vistas.  Driving back was dark and cloudy.

For those of you who are not familiar with California, Interstate 5 is the major north-south highway in the State.  Actually, it is the major north-south highway in the Western United States, and continues into Canada and Mexico, although it is not called Interstate 5 outside of the US.  It parallels the Pacific coast from Washington to California.  More information here at Wikipedia.

The California Aqueduct is a series of canal, large pipes, massive pumps and dams that brings water from Northern California to Southern California.  I read someplace that it is (was?) the largest engineering project ever, but I can’t find anything to verify that claim. Depending on your point of view and cultural indoctrination, it is ether a blessing or a curse.

Regardless, both Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct as projects reflect an incredibly optimistic time in our history, when petty politics and only thinking about personal gain didn’t interfere with a vision for serving the ‘greater good’ and for future generations.   I can’t see how either of these projects could be built in today’s political climate.

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2 Responses to Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct

  1. fabala24 says:

    Such beautiful scenery. I like the way you’ve processed the photos too. Those rolling hills are striking!

  2. garysfbcn says:

    Thanks, fabala24!

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