Reflected and refracted foggy fireworks

Yesterday, I was saying to myself  that I wasn’t going to shoot any photos, that I needed to give it a rest for one day.  During my morning walk to work, I turned the corner and saw this incredible burst of light.

I’ve seen this building thousands of times during the last 20 years while walking to work, and I have never seen this display of the morning sun reflected in the building’s facets. The camera really doesn’t do justice in capturing the beauty and magnitude of these fireworks:  This light show is more than 20 stories high.  The building is 52 floors, 779 ft (237.4 m) tall.

The refracted light in the photographs is not a camera limitation – it is exactly as I saw it with my eyes.  Anyway, the photos show the movement of the light during sunrise:  Beginning on the right of the building, progressing to the middle and finally showing on the left before the brief, 3 minute show was over.

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One Response to Reflected and refracted foggy fireworks

  1. Don says:

    Fantastic capture. No wonder you were late for work that day 🙂

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