Night stroll on the waterfront

ImageAt night, the San Francisco waterfront is filled with colors and contrasts.  It is as if everything cold and crass in our urban environment is packed away and the city is allowed to shimmer and shine.  As we finally have some decent weather, the streets and plazas were filled with people.

I shot these photos with my hand-held Olympus XZ-1 camera.  I really like the fast lens, but the resolution isn’t as good as it needs to be to compensate for my inexperience, for a ‘master cropper’ like me.  While I have a pretty good sense to quickly shoot a photo because there is something of interest, sometimes I don’t have any idea what that ‘something’ is until I load the photos in Lightroom. Still, I am very happy with this camera.  It is fun to use and even with it’s limitations, there is a lot I can do with it.  As usual, click on the photos to better see them.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was recently fitted with thousands of LED lights that are controlled to create a lightshow on the bay.  Here’s a glimpse.  Happy Saturday!


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